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Becoming Friends

    That's just the way it is. It would be a whole lot easier if we could offer potential members way cool benefits like a sauna or reduced green fees, special discount and the like. But no, what we can offer is this: A chance to be part of something bigger than you are. Bigger than you'll ever be : An offer to become part of something that God began back in Bethlehem, in the days of Caesar Augustus.

   Jesus called it his Church.

   St Paul called it The Body of Christ.

Whatever you call it, the Christian faith has moved mountains, transformed empires, and changed the world. She ain't perfect, God knows, but Christ's Church remains the best last hope of humankind. In St John's Gospel it reads, "For God So Loved the World."

    That means THIS world, with all its violence, corruption and greed. THIS world, not some bright heaven on the other side of death. THIS WORLD. Right here, right now. God LOVES it. And when you love something, you work to heal it. You work to save it. You work to FIX it. All that God is doing now. Every day. And God does it (mostly) with the Body of Christ his Son. 

    So maybe you love God's world, too. Maybe the pain and suffering breaks your heart, and you want to do something to help people, but you're only one person.

We are the Body of Christ - even right here in Alexander county. WE are the BODY of CHRIST. We are few, but we are MIGHTY, especially when we band together. Together in our congregation, together with other churches in our area, together with other synods in our country, together with other partners in our world. We are MANY. We are MIGHTY. We ARE the Body of Christ, the hands, the feet, the eyes or Jesus, whom God sent into this world he loves to SAVE it!


    So.  THat's what we're about, and if you want to be a part of that, then, well, you might want to consider becoming a member. There's no card, no fees, no exclusives. But yes, you get to be part of something wonderful. And we need you. We need your prayers, we need your effort, we need your presence, and yes, we need your financial support. God's grace is free, but everything else around here costs something! We rely on God and the generosity of our members. So YES we do need you, your presence, your money (not all of it, just your tithes and offerings!) and your will to join us in healing God's world. It's worth it - countless headstones in our churchyard bear witness to those who have died in Christ's service, who bear silent witness: It's worth it. Join us. Walk with us. Make us all stronger.


The pastors lead New Member classes twice a year. Ask them when the next class begins. And welcome to the movement!

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