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Sunday Message Resources


Before we go any farther, let's have a WORD.


By 'message' we mean what you might refer to as 'sermon' or 'homily' even, if you're familiar with that tradition. We use the word 'message' because it lacks the 'churchiness' of those other words. We like church, of course, but we DO try to avoid 'churchiness'. We've no use for a spirituality, or religion, or whatever, that is limited to the inside of church buildings. We want a vibrant relational faith with the Living Jesus Christ, and we don't need some spiritual code words to get there. We avoid other churchy words, too, not just 'sermon.' ...but that's another, well, another message. Let's move on. 


We've got an assortment of resources here: Video, text, and sound files. Some are recent, some older than dirt. So explore as you desire, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We're glad you're here!


1. Word and .pdf Messages


2. Worship is broadcast live on our FaceBook page each week!

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