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Things Friends Do Together...


     Well, we do lots of things! We worship together, of course, on Sundays all year long, and during Advent and Lent we worship on Wedensday evenings after a simple supper we share together. 


     We have various groups that walk with Jesus together - Sunday school classes, service teams, youth and family groups that plan events, go on trips either to serve or to relax, and sometimes interest groups that pursue a calling we all share together.


     Our Sunday school is robust and active every Sunday at 9:20 am. We have classes for all ages, and these classes often band together to do things beyond Sunday morning. You can ask the pastors about different classes.


     We host a commmunity supper once a month on the first Monday evening, and we never run out of good food. It's a great opportunity to meet folks from around the neighborhood.  


     Our Lutheran worship depends upon quality musicians to volunteer their talent in various ways. We have a fine choir that meets on Wednesdays to sing on Sunday, and we've a praise band that leads worship for the Early Church. They meet after choir on Wednesdays. We have a bell choir that practices to perform once a month or so. There are many opportunities throughout the year to welcome special musical talent, either from within our church, or our community.  



     These are just a few of our groups within Friendship Church. There is so much more, so come out and experience Jesus among us. We aren't waiting for you, but we ARE hoping and praying for you. 

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