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We Gather Here... 

The Back Forty: Friendship hosts baseball, softball and soccer practices on our back lot. We're planning a fitness trail to give our neighbors someplace to run without worry of being run off our narrow local roads. 

Friendship's Churchyard (cemetery) is one of the oldest in the Catawba Valley. Guidelines for our historic churchyard can be found here.

The Early Church gathers in the Family Life Center on the south side of the campus. This large facility was completed in 2005 and serves many purposes and activities for the Friendship crowd. Wedding receptions, family reunions, Tomato Festivals and Cruze-In car shows all happen here.


The New Tradition gathers in the Nave, or sanctuary, which has graced our community since 1960. The visionary people of Friendship built a sacred space that still inspires. The Cassavant organ (opus X) leads Zion's songs in the best traditional and vibrant ways.

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